The design process

Design is not an equation; it has no right answers. Rather, it provides frameworks and methods that we can use
to create informed, empathetic solutions.


research & understand

When designing for people, the most important pieces are not the methods you choose or the frameworks you practice, but rather gaining empathy and an understanding for
your users.

Analyze &

Reframing the problem is key to making sure that you are solving the right problem for the right people. The best ideas come from careful analysis of research findings.


prototype &

While failing is never the end-goal, it is important to do it early and quickly. Being able to prototype test assumptions made during the analysis and synthesis phases may lead to new and interesting paths.

strategize &

Eventually the research and ideation loop must end and it becomes time to make things happen. By carefully aligning the team and utilizing planning structures, you have a better chance of realizing offerings.